Somato-Emotional Release

Somato Emotional Release  is a technique used to work with emotions that have been stored within the soma (body).  Energy whether it be physical or emotional is stored as memory in body tissues and can be released using this technique.

What is Somato Emotional Release?

This leads to the concept that organs, tissues and individual cells have memory associated with them which can lead to chronic or acute physical trauma.  I use this technique often when a client does not seem to be getting better by use of massage or cranio-sacral technique.  It is a very experiential technique and I work differently on every client that I work on.  Even the same client does not tend to receive the same treatment twice.
Some people get a conscious awareness of what is going on for them during the SER treatment or sometimes things just seem to click into place after the treatment.
I do an assessment and find energy blocks within the body.  These blocks can either be physical or emotional and I work with the client to release these blocks out of the body.  People feel very different reactions during the release process from a feeling of being lightness to estatic.  I have no idea what I’m going to treat each time I work on a person so it’s an exciting time to see what develops.
This type of treatment is for those who are seeking to move forward in their lives be it spiritual, emotional or physical or all of these.  It’s especially good for those that  have chronic pain that does not seem to be getting fixed by conventional medicine.  People tend to grow an internal awareness within their body if they are lacking in that or for those who have that the awareness intensifies to a higher level.
Clients experience many different treatments. Here are some examples.
Childhood Trauma
Past Life Trauma
Birthing issues such as re-birthing
Realising that life is not that bad (Yes emotional release can make realisations that there are amazing things happing in your life and this will connect you to them)
Connections to Spirit guides
Connection to the body
Connection to your own spirit.
Also if people have gone through emotional trauma in their lives and do not want to re-hash old memories I can work on releasing the trauma in their bodies without going back to the time when the pain existed.  Clients often prefer me to help facilitate the release without the knowledge of it.

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