Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is a technique using shapes to work with the body, mind and spirit.  The whole planet including nature and the whole universe is based on sacred geometry.  The human body can also be defined through sacred geometry.  This is why using sacred geometry as a healing tool has the ability to restructure and support the body to heal itself.  The role of the sacred geometry practitioner is to get an understanding of how a person can get to know themselves better.  Using sacred geometry shapes such as the platonic solids and spinning them around the body has the possibility to create profound healing beyond the imaginable.

The goal of the sacred geometry practitioner is to figure out who you are, why you are here and to get you to experience all of the feeling related to the connectedness of all things.

The truth around sacred geometry is to bring the body back into balance and symmetry.  The body has a natural ability to return to a healthy state.  It's the goal of the practitioner to facilitate the body returning into its natural healthy state.  When the body is rebalanced the well being of the receiver of this technique is created.

Below is a brief overview of the platonic Solids.  These shapes spin around your light body or aura.  We have access to them at any point in time.  All we need to do is visualise the shape and imagine it spinning.


·         Element - Fire

·         Power

·         Breaking down energy

·         Aspect of the trinity

·         Moves energy quickly

·         Transmutes and transforms energy

·         Supports the fluids to move


Star Tetrahedron


·         Element - Fire

·         Connection to light body

·         Awareness

·         Expansion

·         Awakens the energy centres


·         Element - earth

·         Manifestation

·         Grounding

·         Feeling solid and strong

·         Healing Earthly issues

·         Levitation

·         Connection to the cross

·         Connecting to the energy of form and our perceptions of it.

·         Past lives


·         Element - Air

·         Inner Child

·         Non-conscious mind

·         Connection to our eternal selves

·         Universal heart connnection

·         Protection from others

·         Integration with higher states of awareness

·         Clearing connections to others


·         Element - Water

·         Healing Emotions

·         Creativity

·         Transforming diseases

·         Finding your emotional centre

·         Connection to the moon

·         Electrically charging the body with light

·         Clairsentience

·         The emotional power of the heart


·         Element - Universe

·         Clearing the mental mind

·         Harnessing the power of the sun

·         magic and the pentagram

·         Universal energies

·         Claircognizance or an ability to know things

·         Enhanced clairvoyance abilities (seeing things)



·         Pure Creativity

·         Creating something from nothing

·         the beginning

·         dark matter

·         Multiple universe

·         Parallel Worlds

·         Dimensional levels

·         Alternate realities


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