Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a subtle approach using flow patterns of energy systems in the body . Polarity therapy is based on the premise that we are fields of pulsating life energy made up of specific frequencies known as the five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Each element relates and flows in a balance of positive and negative attractions arising from a neutral center.

So how can the polarity model best be described in terms of human energetics? The human body has an energy system similar to a magnet, having positive, negative and neutral poles and currents that flow through them. Subtle electromagnetic fields and currents are present in every cell, tissue and organ, and function to organize, vitalize and sustain all living things. This life energy expresses itself not only in our physical bodies, but also through our thoughts, feelings, personal relationships and everyday experiences.
When these currents are flowing, without significant blockage, we are functional, healthy and our thoughts and emotions are in alignment with our soul's truth (the source). When the currents are blocked, when our thoughts, emotions and body are out of alignment with the energy necessary to meet a life challenge, when we have moved away from source, energy imbalances appear in the form of physical pain, emotional distress and disease.
Polarity practitioners use their hands to scan the body and energy currents surrounding the body in order to identify and release blocks and restrictions. They effectively "jump start" the system, much like charging a battery or switching a circuit breaker. The polarity model sees the body's imbalances as an opportunity to invite an alternative paradigm into our consciousness. Stone writes, "Obstacles are God's design to make a man with a spine."
Polarity therapy empowers the client to identify the genesis of the pain or discomfort and to venture within for truth, substance and balance. A practitioner may offer self-help exercises or nutritional counseling to complement bodywork or energetic communications. Ultimately, the goal is to release energy so that a "self correction" to normal flow patterns occurs. Polarity therapists invite their clients to consider new life choices that were not evident before.
The Wireless Anatomy
The energy anatomy model of polarity is highly comprehensive and specific. The shape and form of the energy model can best be described and understood by the ancient Greek or Egyptian symbols of the Caduceus or Staff of Hermes (see Figure 1, Page 64). The "Ultrasonic Core," the "energy current of the Soul," is the name given by Dr. Stone to the central shaft of the Caduceus. The two wings represent the two cerebral hemispheres in the brain, and the globe at the end of the shaft is the pineal gland. The intertwined snakes on either side of the shaft represent the currents flowing in the Caduceus in a positive (Pingala), negative (Ida) and neutral (Sushumna) fashion.
Polarity therapy's conceptualization of the pathways of energy in the body is referred to as the "wireless anatomy." Six centers along the spine (called chakras), starting from the head and winding downward toward the coccyx, transform spiritual energy into lower levels of vibration. As they spiral outward, they create the physical body (see Figure 2, Page 68, and Figure 3, Page 72).
Stone linked five chakras and the five areas of the body they refer to as five elements. Each of the five elements--ether, air, fire, water and earth--vibrate at a specific, energetic frequency and relates to a general quality, sense, function/emotion and body. The elements flow through the body in electromagnetic waves, traveling from positive (+) through neutral (o) to negative (-) poles. Ether is the "holding pot" that creates space for all the other elements. Air polarizes in the shoulder (+), kidneys (o) and ankles (-). Fire resides in the forehead (+), solar plexus (o) and thighs (-). Water corresponds to the breasts (+), pelvis (o) and feet (-). Earth rules the neck (+), bowels (o) and knees (-). Practitioners work to unblock stagnant flows by connecting the energy between each pole, using a series of five protocols, one for each element. With an understanding of how the various elements connect, the therapist can identify areas of the body where blockages may exist, and create pathways to the free flow of energy.
Application Of Polarity Therapy
Polarity therapy helps develop balance by promoting the flexibility, spontaneity, creativity and clarity necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life. A polarity practitioner learns a triad approach to therapy: bodywork specific to each of the five elements; exercise/nutrition; and verbal guidance to evaluate and balance life energy.
Polarity bodywork involves gentle rocking, stretching and pressure-sensitive touch based on energy flow. Touch may be neutral and gentle (Satvic), positive rocking to expand outward (Rajasic) or deep and dispersing (Tamasic).

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