Our Medium Sue Stephens explains about Mediumship:

Through Mediumship you are able to connect with Spirit and loved ones.  As a Medium I do not have the ability to just connect with the person you may want to hear from.  Its not quite as simple as picking up the phone.   I cannot “call the dead”. J  During a session you may hear from old friends or you may be the middleman who passes on a message to a friend coming from one of their relatives.  I am not saying that you will not hear from the certain person you wish to connect with – I just cant guarantee it.  There is a process when doing mediumship and we have to honor it.  As a medium I can only do my best to bring though whoever wants to come through with clarity and evidence.  People who have passed on do not come through with predictions.  They are coming through to show you that life continues and they are still around you.  Being able to connect with loved ones can be very healing, when they come through it is always with so much love.

A beautiful example of that is a reading I did around 3 months ago, the appointment was for a Clairvoyant reading, not Mediumship, as soon as I started to place the cards on the table a male energy came through very fast and very strong, he appeared right beside her.  Once I let her know and described whom it was she broke down in tears.  He had been waiting for this opportunity to come through and probably helped set it up.  He came through with so much love and wanted to tell her that she was not to blame for his death it was his own doing, all he wanted was for her to be happy in her new relationship.  He gave her information that day that she so needed to hear.  A few days later she text me with the very sad story that surrounded this person and said that she felt she could now move forward as the information he gave her helped her heal.

Being able to connect with Spirit I believe can be life changing, we are here to live, love and enjoy life and they want nothing more than for us to be happy.  


Sue Stephens



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