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PERSONAL BeArtAngel - is your energy - spiritual portrait - it is a portrait of an individual, his heart and a portrait of his purpose in this life. It is a support for the whole life. It helps to become more alive and to realize the purpose of the heart. In accordance with own orientation they can help you to get over different life challenges. It is proved that they have a great influence on the energy in the place where you have it; they raise frequency, relieve cleaning and support life with love.
HOUSE BeArtAngel is energy - spiritual support to your home - it helps to make changes in the house or in the apartment and have influence onb the people who live in it. It supports home, family and the cooperation of the all family members. 
BUSINESS BeArtAngel is energy - spiritual support for your business activity - it is a support which rises up the power of the business activity. The purpose of the  business activity can be expressed in whole and the environment pressure becomes weaker. It is completely enough that you put the painting into the business environment . At the beginning we an feel some changes connected with people who are in such environment. This is the period of harmonization and connection of energies of each individual for a common purpose.



Božidar A. Kolerič is an amazing and very unique slovenian artist, born in Slovenj Gradec, in a valley among Uršlja Mountain and the forests of Pohorje. As a child, he has already manifested some unusual abilities: he learned to walk very early on, and he started to speak, sing and express himself through drawing much earlier than is usual with children.

He spent his childhood immersed in a world of music and painting. He felt his potential and talents very strongly throughout his adolescence, especially his talent for music. He therefore decided to dedicate his life to music in the field of which he worked professionally for quite a few years – as a music editor on a radio station, as a producer, music arranger, but also as an author of music for well known Slovenian singers and groups. He produced music for Slovenian and foreign markets, for different projects in theatres; he worked with many famous and renowned musicians. He played a trumpet, a piano, and a guitar in many musical ensembles with whom he released a number of musical projects, but he also released a couple of his very own. 

His artistic potential, especially for painting, was quietly evolving inside of him all through his musical career, right up until a very important change in his life, which allowed him to recognize the real mission in his life. He started to paint and create energy paintings – and so Art Angel was born.

He dedicated his life to making music and paintings that help people with their vibrations and enable them to recognise their real nature and the meaning of life. They serve them as a support of finding their inner peace. His energy paintings have become well known throughout the world and they adorn many homes, business rooms, wellness centres, massage salons, rooms for meditation and health centres in Slovenia, as well as in other European countries, Brazil, China, Australia… With new energy and awareness these paintings are now known under the name of BeArt Angel. 

Regardless to its form of expression, Božidar A. Kolerič is an ambassador of Life. In a discovery of yet another expressive path, energies light up through him in the world. He recognises them with his subtle senses, he lets himself go and trusts them to come into this world in their own way.

If you want to read more about Bozidar and his amazing paintings visit his website

If you want to order your own BeArtAngel portrait please contact Bozidar, his e-mail addres is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jason and Bozidar in Bozidar's Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia


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