The illusion of Mercury Retrograde

I had some questions that I wanted to ask Merlin about mercury retrograde for a while.  The reason being is that I often hear astrologers talk about this as a time where you don't do the following.

·         make major decisions

·         travel

·         make major business decisions

·         talk to people about important relational issues.

·         Don't buy technical equipment.

The reason why I asked Merlin about this is his symbol the Caduceus is a mercury symbol.  I used to have a friend who was so invested in mercury retrograde she always made a mess at this time.  I believe what you put your focus on you will create and she certainly made mercury retrograde true for her.  She was an Astrologer so have very fixed views about this energy.

I often like to challenging these beliefs especially as Hermes, Merlin, Thoth are considered the messengers in spirituality and they hold the energy of mercury so strongly.

During mercury retrograde I did the following:

·         bought the computer that I am currently using that is working fine

·         Asked my wife Anja to come to Australia

·         Constantly had intense deep conversations with Anja about our relationship

·         Made major business decisions in my life.

Everything went smoothly when I did this.

When I bought into this energy in the past after reading books all sorts of interesting things happened in my life. 

I decided to ask Merlin about mercury retrograde and this is what he said.

Yes Jason a fine question you are asking.  Firstly I would like to point out my role being  that of Thoth, Merlin, Hermes and many more I have incarnated as the people have used me as their messenger from the divine.  I have used the energy of Mercury as my vehicle to amplify the clearest messages from the many dimensions I have travelled to communicate to the most advanced souls in the hierarchy and to the divinity that many of you call god on this our planet earth.  The caduceus the mercurial divining rod I use connects with the energy you call Mercury.  The energy of mercury provides one of  the most advanced communication tools you have at your disposal here.

Question: Why is it then that Astrologers/ teachers tell us to 'be careful' at this time?

The energy of mercury can be used to either dominate and manipulate people.  It has created the rise and also the fall of the highest of civilizations for eons not only on this planet , but in other dimensions as well. The consciousness of the 'messengers' you speak of have deep hurt surrounding the manipulative energy of mercury and are communicating from a consciousness of pain and suffering surrounding this profound and magnificent communication tool.  When they are warning people they are in actual not allowing their 'followers' to grow the conscious communication  of their hearts.  Instead the universal heart energy closes in and the opportunities of heart communication is lost.

Question: What should you suggest people do during mercury retrograde?

The quest for the souls on the planet are in their best interest to endeavour to  communicate with the highest regard.  The most intrinsic truth is to listen not to the illusions of the brain and communicate through the awareness of the heart.  This means to not invest energy toward listening to the mind, but to understand with your heart  what is truly being communicated.  This is a time to learn telepathic communication, to peer deeply into the eyes of your fellow travellers and see the glory of their soul.  This is an opportunity to understand the divine connection of love coming for the I am presence of god with the heart. 

Question: Any more information you can give us please?

As with all beliefs the truth of mercury must be understood and positively used for the expedition of soul development.  I Merlin the master of mercurial communication implore you to  open the gates of divine communication to all fellow travellers to expand the consciousness of the planet and beyond during this time.

I would like to thank Merlin for this information.    

Love to all,



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