Meditation is based on getting people to connect  to their inner self.  There are many forms of meditation from guided, group, individual. consciousness, internal, healing, visual, walking, feeling, silent and the list goes on.  Many people meditate while doing something that they love like playing music or swimming laps in a pool.  They all have their benefits the most common being the stillness of the mind.  Through getting a connection to the inner self many feel that decisions in life can be more easily made.  The most important facet around meditation is the ability to use the inner connection of stillness in daily life otherwise the practice has less value.

Many feel that meditation should be practiced every day.  We at the centre do not believe this to be the case.  We feel that the amount of meditation practice be based each individual.  Also, finding the right type of mediation for you is important.  The most important aspect is being able to be more conscious of who you are and allowing yourself to make still decisions in times of stress. 

Spiral of Light Meditations

Jason currently holds meditations at Spiral.  He usually bases them on a 10 week theme.  They are held at the Spiral of Light teaching centre in an intimate setting with a maximum of 25 people.  Here is a small list of type of mediations that Jason has taken people through:

·         Atlantis

·         Crystal Skulls

·         Angels

·         Ascended Masters

·         Sacred Geometry

·         Parallel Worlds

Jason provides a setting where he explains what the class will meditate on and then provide a guidance meditation based on the information that he has provided.  The unique aspect of Jason's meditations is that they are channelled by his higher self.  He has no idea what will be said during his meditations.  People seem to really enjoy the teaching and the process of the meditation as he is extremely focused on each person getting a deep form of healing or experience.

Large Meditations

Jason has also held larger meditations with numbers between 100 to 450 people.  He holds these sort of meditations every couple of years.  Keep looking on the website to see if he will host a large meditation night based on whatever he is passionate about providing to a larger audience.


Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

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