Spirit Guides

Come and join us in a unique course that will help you connect with your guides in such a simple way. Quite often in my courses people often say 'it's that easy? Well of course, we often make things much harder than we need to. Connect with Angels, ascended masters,animal spirits, personal guides, deceased loved ones all in one day. Techniques that you can use at anytime and anywhere.

On some level we all want to know that we are being guided by some unseen force that can help us move through life, support us with our decisions and generally keep us safe. Guides can come in the form of animals, angels, fairies and deceased loved ones and our higher self to name just a few. Many people who are searching on a spiritual path are in constant search for these beings that can support us in our lives.

I have been showing people for a number of years how they can connect with their spirit guides in courses and during sessions. People have come away from the experience with amazement knowing how easy it can be to connect with the many non-physical forces that are here to support us.

I will be taking all the myths away from spirit guides so you can use them from a day to day basis. There will be no secret incantations to bring them forward. You will be provided with a simple way to connect with the lovely beings that support you in life.
This is something everybody can do and I will be removing the belief that you have to be profoundly spiritual to channel your guides.

If you want to experience a fun day connecting with your guides I would love to facilitate a journey you will never forget.

Discover how to use the power of feelings, knowing, hearing and vision to find out how to connect with your guides in a simple and connected way.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

Getting information from your guides
Finding out what they are here to teach you about.
The power of free will
Getting your guides to support you in life
Simple laws of the spirit world that will keep you feeling safe
Increase energy
Connecting with
Ascended Masters
Animal Guides
Nature Spirits
Deceased loved ones
Your own personal guides



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