The Breakthrough

The Breakthrough

Right now!!

  • Do you feel stuck in your life right now? 
  • Are your emotions getting the better of you? 
  • Do you think way too much creating catastrophic stories running like a marathon within your mind? 
  • Do you daydream about living a different life than the one you’re leading right now?
  • Do you feel like something isn’t quite right


Would you like to BREAKTHROUGH into freedom?

  • Remove Blockages
  • Unstrap hidden control structures
  • Understand how to create true freedom
  • Release lifelong patterns
  • Change perspective
  • Respond rather than react


The world’s struggle

Right now, we are living in a tumultuous world.  Living on the knifes edge with potential war at any point in time.  Many people are concerned about the environment and our impact that we are making on the planet.  On a global scale, the world seems to be fragmented right now with one catastrophe after another.

The world’s Opportunity

At the same time, there are more scientific breakthroughs.  Technological advances are creating an ease in our life like never.  Information is at your fingertips.  You can experience life in a completely different way.  You must look outside of your own box to be able to see them or they will fly by like the wind.


Your Life Breakdowns

If your feeling stuck in your personal or business life this could be a result of the global struggles at present.  You might be currently experiencing breakdowns more rapidly than the past.  If you are feeling greater pressure you’re not alone as I have notest many people like you experiencing increased pressure more than ever before.   With technology, today you would think your life would be much easier.  Are you feeling like you’re going through a transformation or locked in your own life jail cell – maybe both?

Your Life Breakthroughs

If you’re feeling stuck you’re in the perfect place to break through.  You can’t build a new house on faulty foundations.  This could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for your whole life.  It’s important that you knock your walls down, remove the roof and replace the footings.  The initial step is crucial for you to break through into freedom.

Right now, you can also, experience breakthroughs in life experiences more rapidly than ever before.  The issue with having the ability to experience more you can become confused by the vast amount of information that exists out there.  What techniques are going to help support you in a life that seems so intense right now.  What and who can you trust?  My goal is to facility your ability to regain internal trust.  If you already have a sense of that this seminar will enrich your level of trust with greater depth.


My name is Jason Irving.  I have been working with individuals for 20 years and facilitating classes for 14 years.  I have been providing my own unique way of approaching transformation for over ten years.  I have created a perfect structure to help guide you on your path toward freedom.


The Lost Key

You may be feeling controlled by society, the government, individual people, family, friends, bosses and the list goes on.

Control can make you feel like you don’t have a choice to create the life you desire. The feeling of being controlled can make you feel boxed in, frozen and unable to move.

Issues such as anxiety, depression, helplessness, stress, physical pain take hold of your life when you’re feeling controlled in some way.

You feel weighed down, like having a ball chained to your ankle.


The control release:

The moment you surrender control you have an opportunity to live in a relaxed state. The cloud is lifted from your mind and your emotions become still and clear, like a clear tranquil pond

The result is creating a different level of control – choice.

Choice is the anomaly that allows you to unwind, knowing that you are in control of your feelings and perceptions, and most importantly realising you CAN create the life you would like to live.


I will be taking you into a deep level of transformation over two days to help you discover how to remove that stagnated feeling inside where you feel that you keep looping repeatedly.  If it feels like these loops have taken a hold of your life why not try something different.  A different approach to these loops creates a different result in your life.


Saturday:the Release, Rescue and Realisation

The focus on Saturday will be the focusing on the release, rescue and realisation of your life.

This will be allowing you to see where you are Stagnated, Stuck and Stressed.  If you’re feeling like the wall is too great for you to overcome, you will experience techniques that will help you release those stagnated feelings, rescue yourself from feelings of being stuck and make the realisation that you have the capacity to understand a pathway toward the freedom that you desire.


We will release the pressure that has been created in your life up to now.  These will be deep patterns that you have stored within your subconscious held within the body just waiting to be released.


We will be rescuing your life long patterns, restructuring them to create the hero’s journey.  We will be focusing rescuing yourself from patterns held deep within your psyche.


This will be the best part of the day as you will have the opportunity to make personal realisations to help keep you understand why the patterns were there in the first place.

Sunday:The Rebuild, Restructure and Reinvention.

The Rebuild

On the Sunday, we will be focusing on techniques to reconstruct a new framework on which to create your life.  This will firstly be an energetic framework to build a new understanding of life.  We will be building the foundations upon what we have released on the Saturday.  When the energetic foundation has landed you will be able to lay the footings to build a new life.

The Restructure

Once you have gone through the rebuilding phase you will put the new walls upon the new levels of awareness.  During this phase, you will be building new mental and emotional pathways to allow the walls of your newly developed energetic footings to be strongly attached.

The Reinvention.

During this phase, you will be placing the roof on your new way of approaching your life.  This is the final phase of carting the water and chopping the wood.  The practical day to day things that will impact your life in physical way.

The gift for you.

I will be sharing techniques I have never showed in any of my classes before.  These are original techniques that I haven’t taught in other classes.  You will be the first to experience the techniques to take away with you.  I have been working with these techniques for years now within myself and with the work I have facilitating with clients and in my classes.  I’m so excited to unveil these to you over these two days.

A point of difference.

Be the point of difference rather than feel like you’re the clothes in the washing machine on spin cycle


Course Cost.


You can register for this event here.

Please put a deposit $100 depot to ensure a seat is held for you.

Change is stability!!! Come and find some with me!!









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