Transformation through the Planets

Do you ever think why is this happening right now?  Feeling lost and looking for some direction or meaning in life?  Do you have an interest in Astrology and don’t really know where the start?  Do you want to develop yourself spiritually or delve deeper in your connection to yourself?

When I first decided I wanted to be a ‘healer’ I went to see an Astrologer with a friend in Canada.  I didn’t believe in Astrology at all to be honest at the time.  All the astrologer spoke about was my destiny to be a spiritual healer and teacher.  It felt by the way he was talking was that I had no choice.  When I attended my first class it felt like I was just remembering what I already knew.  I guess there had to be something relating to the planets that made an impact on our lives.

I remember having a hard time a couple of years ago and found out that it was written in my astrology that the time was going to be difficult for me.   It was like I had to transformation aspects of myself from the shadow perspective.  As a person who likes to transform all aspects of myself it was nice to have the information to support me to make the journey that much easier.

The journey to undestanding yourself

Come and join me on a journey to understand the planets and how they effect your life.  From an astrology perspective the planets help to create the blueprint for your soul journey.  Throughout our lives we become affected by the planets without knowing what is happening.  We become triggered by the planets to help us access our jouney and understand the development of the soul.   Some of these times can be difficult while others are supportive.

Imagine having the opportunity to make your path that much easer to travel.  Would you take it?  Any journey of self discovery can be taken with a smooth transition or a road that’s full of bumps and pot holes.  This course is going to help change your journey, I can’t force the way your going to experience your transformation, however I can give you the support with techniques to show you how help you make supportive choices.

The Old gods

The planets were considered the old gods by the ancients and were revered as such.  When accessing the planets you have the opportunity to access ancient wisdom.  This is so important as ancients hold the keys to our future transformations.  I’m looking forward to showing you how to bring these gods to life for you.

What you are going to Learn

·         The positive and Negative of these planets

o   Saturn

o   Jupiter

o   Mars

o   Venus

o   Mercury

o   Sun

o   Moon

o   Earth

o   Neptune

o   Pluto

·         Accessing the planets like gods.

·         Sacred geometry techniques to access any planet/god at any point in time.

·         If you have your birth time you will get to know your planet that supports you through life.


If you’re wanting to make major shifts in consciousness please come along and enjoy the journey of change with me. 



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