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Accepting Emotions Meditation

I have found the fastest way to transform emotions is to accept them.This is the foundation of my spiritual healing techniques.The quickest way to support our emotions is to accept the energy that goes with it.Happiness, anger, love, hate etc are words that have attached emotion.The meditation allows you to sit and feel the consciousness many emotions. With continued effort you will have the ability to master your emotions through choice responses rather than reactions (the most comment emotional processing).









Past Life Meditation  

This past life healing meditation guides you into the Akashic records of your life times to understand something that needs healing in this life. It’s good to hold an intension for what you would like to heal or an open mind to listen to this meditation. The reason for past life healing is to help you if you’re stuck in some way during this life.









Past Life Positive Relationship Meditation

This past life healing meditation guides you into the Akashic records of your life times. The intension is to take you into a life when you had a supportive and nurturing intimate relationship. This helps to heal issues with intimate relationships that you might be having in your current life. The intension will be to help bring the energy from that past relationship into your body so you can feel good about yourself.









Manifestation with Merlin Meditation 

Using the art of magic, I will take you through a manifestation process using Merlin to use the Law of Attraction to help you create something in life that you would like to bring from the mental/emotional world. This meditation will help you destruct patterns as well as give you the magnetic energy to create your hearts desires. Before the meditation it’s important that you write down or have a clear idea what you would like to create. After the meditation it’s important to write the information down that Merlin has given you.










Higher Self Integration Meditation 

The reason why I created this meditation was for the purpose to help people connect to their higher self. The goal in spirituality is ensoul the higher self into the heart and brain. This allows us to make better choices in life. If we make choices that resonate with the higher-self we begin a journey that not only allows us to feel the freedom of peace those around us change due to our extreme sense of calmness. In the eye of the hurricane is stillness – the higher-self is stillness intensified with choice.









Male and Female Inner Child Meditation

Through inner heart work we can understand how we live through polarity. The major human polarity is male and female. Regardless of our incarnated self our soul is composed of equal parts male and female. If we understand how our inner male/female child understands reality, we have the opportunity to figure out how we relate to people from the outside world. This meditation is important if we have issues with the same or opposite sex. It will help us understand what we are attracting energetically.










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