Parallel Worlds

This course will provide the opportunity for you to open yourself to the possibility that you have many selves interacting creating different experiences all at the same time.  If we were to open up to this possibility our ability to expedite our growth would be tremendous.  We would have to get out of our own way to engrain the transformation that would take place.

This course is designed to be a life changer for how you see the world and to provide you with unlimited possibilities.  Be warned this course will be pretty addictive.  I am hoping you will create the opportunity to drop out of the mundane matrix of life and be intrigued by the unlimited creativity at your disposal.

Could there be a possibility that the Europeans who came to visit the Americas integrated into the shamanic lives of the Inuit people?  First world countries were the opposite?  All technology actually supported the environment rather than desecrated it?  There was only one language spoken by all people? 

What if people who inhabited planets didn’t look like people at all?  What if people who created the Avatar and Star Wars movies were accessing another reality?  Sounds strange could what they are creating be real?

I believe the strangest thing is to look at reality and define it purely through the lenses of what physically see.  The genius looks through what is “real” and looks “beyond”.  The perception of reality is beyond the comprehension of most human minds.  When you look at your hand is it really a hand?  A scientist will look at the hand completely differently to most people as well. 

Why would you come to this course?

The most important part of this course will be to integrate your realities that come into your being into the life you’re leading right now.  I would like to see you have the opportunity to completely change your perception about life.

What can you see?

When I have opened people up to different realities they have witness my face turn into old people, ugly, extra-terrestrials, burn victims, animals, Jesus, Angels, deceased people and many more.  Are what people seeing smokes and mirrors?  Tricks that the mind simply plays upon us?  I have had people describe the same “old man” for the last nine years or so.  I have managed to conjure this person from my psyche?  Who is he?  To me it doesn’t really matter the fact is I know people have witness many of the same faces overlaying mine.  This is something that we are going to work with among many other techniques.

This is what you will learn:

·         How to jump into an alternate reality

·         Multiple Realities

·         The journey of the soul

·         How to support receive support from you alternate selves

·         Using the Merkaba

·         Using the Stellated Dodecahedron

·         Using the Stellated Icosahedron

·         Shape Shifting


Will this course make you crazy?

The answer to this question is yes and no.  You will have the opportunity to break constructs, beliefs and understand things in a different way.  If you are tightly bound in the material world, then this course probably isn’t the right one for you.  If you have an open mind or an inkling that our world is in fact an illusion.  Maybe going into that illusion you may find a deeper clarity of mind, body and spirit.   

I believe moving out of the matrix or sheep mentality is extremely important.  Is what I am going to share with you real?  Is it all the imagination?   I feel the imagination is the window to intuition if we don’t have one we would feel pretty boring.  So maybe everything I’m going to show you during this course is all smokes and mirrors.  What if it’s not?  This is for you to decide.  If any of these words interest, you please come along and have an adventure with the consciousness of the mind.



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