Egyptian Chakras

I am looking forward to showing you how to heal yourself using the Egyptian chakra system.  This will allow you to harness the energy major energy centres of the body.  I have been working with this system for around eight years and first started teaching this course in 2010.  I have learnt a great deal since then so can’t wait to share with you all the new things that now understand.

I will be showing you how to heal the 13 major chakras of the body using the Egyptian chakra system. We will be using a few Egyptian symbols during this course so will be explaining their use and how to work with them appropriately.  This course will be working with some of the older approaches to healing and why this system is an important one to follow and work with at this time.  We have the power to create the freedom within

I will be working with the this system directly so you will not need to know how the 7 based chakra systems works although it will be really helpful for you to know it on some level. 

You will be shown how to feel and connect with all of these chakras to heal your body and also understand the link that these energy centres have to the organs of the body.  The course will be highly experiential so you can discover how the energy centres feel and why they are so important to be cleared regularly. 

The spiral of light centre aims to further enhance spiritual abilities of those who are willing to connect and understand themselves on a deeper level.  This course is designed not only for the beginner but also the advanced healer.

You can discover abilities that you never thought possible and harness the abilities that you already know about yourself  to a higher potential.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

·         How each Chakra works

·         Egyptian Symbols

·         How to keep each Chakra Open

·         Egyptian deities

·   How to use these to work with the chakras.

·         Meditation Techniques to increase your vibrational state.

·         Grounding, Shielding and Protection

·         Techniques to break through energetic barriers and patterns related to this system.

·         Solar Star and Earth star Chakras

·         Feet, Hand and 4th dimension chakras

The intention for any of the courses at spiral of light first and most importantly for personal development.  If you’re a current therapist this course will support any healing modality that you currently use and make it expand.  I certainly changed the way I approached healing when I started using this system and would love the opportunity so show you the hidden Egyptian mysteries.  I believe you get to know yourself with so much more depth, clarity and awareness.  Come and join me to discover more hidden mysteries that are locked within your soul.



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