At this course we will offer our support to women, we will be guiding ladies to wholeness, and supreme confidence. We will take you on a fantastic journey to discover how to awaken the Goddess inside you, how to be a beautiful, attractive, strong, successful and independent woman.

We will share information about how to create a healthy relationship with yourself, which leads to a healthy relationships with others. Have you ever wondered why some women seem to succeed in relationships easily while others are destined for a life of heartache and pain? We will explain what are the differences between both of them and what are the most common things that are usually tripping women up in relationships. If you are still single you will get information about what it takes to develop a successful and long lasting relationship and how to attract Mr. Right to your life.

We will be showing you how not to be a woman that needs a man, but woman a man loves and wants to be with. You will discover about how men are in relationships. Do you want them to respect you? Do you want that they stop taking you for granted? Do you want them to start treating you nicely? Do you want to know what men want in women? We will be explaining lots of interesting things that will help you understand men's world and see a lot of things differently.
Usually courses about empowering women are taught by women. Often women feel empowered during these courses. When tested by the male in relationships, however, they often fall into their old patterns while often creating the same type of man into their lives. This course will have both Anja and Jason giving their insights into relationships giving both the male and female perspectives.
This course is for people searching for new relationships, in new ones that work and in relationships that they have been in for a number of years. In short this course is for women who want to empower themselves in relationships with men, women and this beautiful planet that we live on.
We would love the opportunity to have you with us on a journey of self discovery that we hope you will never forget.


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