The Mystical Kabbalah

I am looking forward to sharing with you the opportunity to learn the mystical Kabbalah.  I have been spending time researching and understanding the kabbalah for a while now.  The energy of the Kabbalah is designed to bring forth the understanding of the universe and our relationship to it.   It is steeped in tradition.  It’s not a religion itself as it describes the way in which spirit or god has set forth the plan for souls to journey, learn and eventually gain perfection.

I will be taking you through meditations based on the ten sephirot or tree of life.  These are the ten connections or ways in which we can realise gods plan through us.  Many believe that the study of the Kabbalah takes you before the energy of world religions, thus allowing you to understanding gods plan before doctrine became a part of many people lives.  The doesn’t not mean that doctrine hasn’t been placed into the study of the Kabbalah as that’s the human condition to place rules and regulations around the way spirit is understood.

This course will allow you to access the path of  

This course will be highly experiential focusing on the opportunity to open your consciousness to understand yourself on another level.   We will be using symbology, meditation and a sense of spiritual unravelling to gain access to the forces that lie within the tree of life symbol itself.  The ten sephirot will also be focused on to understand the meaning and connection within the tree.

We will be looking at the tree of life from an objective and subjective level.  Objective meaning consciousness and subjective meaning yourself.  We must understand both and how consciousness either supports or challenges us.  I am hoping you will start to receive a much greater understanding  about how you can use the energy of the cosmos to your advantage and support yourself with the karmic challenges that you face.  Karma simply meaning ‘how you are living your life’.  The statement I would like you use is: ‘How you can live your life through choice’.

You will learn the following:


o    The Tree of Life

o    Ten Sephirot

o    Symbols and Planets that access each Sephirot.

o    Angels that access that access each Sephirot

o    Meditations that open doors to your consciousness

o    Unravelling the personality to find out what is underneath

o    Subjective and Objective understanding relating to the tree of life

o    Dark Matter, negative and unlimited light

o    Using the power of the mind to transform you.

o    Occult wisdom and knowledge - an extremely different way to access the spirit world.

I invite you on a quest to get to know yourself on a deeper level, to garner greater insight on your soul journey.  I am hoping to watch you unravel yourself in front of my eyes  I will be activating energy, in the course that will open pathways, through evocation of the non-physical realm.  I would like to see the glory of your soul stand in front of me and say “I AM”.  Be prepared for change as this course is going to take you to your limits and push you beyond them.  Please let me know if this course interests you either by emailing or registering.


Enjoy, Jason 



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