Love & Wisdom

I invite you to take a journey inward to find self-love on a deeper scale and the wisdom within that can transport you there.  We will be working on creating a safe place to remove self-destructive patterns to co-create with inner wisdom and help you find the reasons why you are creating the current life you currently exist in.

We will be discovering how to trust and break into the hidden chambers of the heart.  The energy of love and wisdom is the cornerstone of how we relate to others and ourselves.  We often only touch the surface of the heart and therefore only discover the surface of our ability to understand ourselves.  Imagine if we could find more inside to develop our ability to not only connect with our wisdom we could follow it too.

You will have the opportunity to learn.

·         The energy of the Pink Ray.

·         Releasing attachments:

o   Jealousy

o   Selfishness

o   The need for material possessions

o   Projections that we require love from someone other than ourselves.

·         Collective wisdom

·         Understanding how to find stillness within

·         See the mirrors in others to hold compassion for our journeys

·         How to listen to your instincts and understand what we need to transcend to meet ourselves.

·         Understanding free will and the opportunity to use it with wisdom.

·         Karmic expression and release.

·         Pulling yourself out of the matrix of the human condition of pain and suffering.


This course will help to push you through your limitations and take you on a journey to attain the life your heart desires.  This course will be a deeply moving one for you all who attend I would love to see you there.  If the information above appeals to you please get in touch with me.

In Love and Wisdom,





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