Past Life and Future Life Healing

I have been working with past lives for many years.  In the beginning I would be working on someone and they could see a past life and I would take them through the process.  I would see the healing taken place within their physical body in some area.  As with many of the processes that I would take people through I had no real way of taking a person into a past life as it just happened.  In 2003 I was asked one day to provide a past life experience for someone.  As usual I said ok trusting that I would be guided to take this person through a process that would jump them into a lifetime related to the issues she was facing in her daily life.  The process worked and hascontinued to work every time I have used it to this day.



I have understood that helping people transform themselves with major issues there have been incarnation issues involved.  By this I mean it hasn’t just been this life that habits have been formed that are quite difficult for people to transform and release.  I feel many people spend countless lifetimes mastering specific karmic aspects of their life.  The challenge is the removal of this cyclical wheel as the lessons sometimes can feel impenetrable. 

Have you ever wondered why you don’t really have issues with aspects of life that others have trouble with?  Then on the other hand you may have major karmic issues with things that are common to many or a select few.  We attract many situations in our life to help heal the many incarnation issues that we face in daily life. 

Have you ever thought about future lives?  If so did you think that your future lives have an impact on your life now?  This is definitely the case I have travelled into the future and found peaces of puzzles that have helped me to develop the work that I do in the present.  A great concept for transformation working with both the past and future to transform the present.

I will be taking you on a journey to work with many past lives at once to help you create short cuts.  The most important aspect is figuring out how to unbind the habit that has ritually taken place within the nature of our being within this live.

This course is designed to be deeply healing on every level.  I am looking forward to providing you with the opportunity to develop, transform and integrate your soul journey using the connection to the travelling journey of our soul.


Below is what you will have the opportunity to heal and learn:

·         A simple process to take yourself and another into a past life or future life. 

·         Family Tree healing

·         Astral healing

·         Clearing the Victim and Perpetrator

·         Letting go of your painful memories

·         Releasing cyclical patterns

·         Understanding release patterns

·         Why we attract everything in our lives

·         Collective past live healing.

·         Showing how to make sure wounds aren’t opened further by experiencing painful past life experiences.

I would love to help you redefine your present by taking you to the reasons why you are holding yourself back from a potentially brilliant future.  I would also like to take you to the future to show you where you and your world is taking you.

If this course takes your interest please get in touch with us.



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