Mysteries and Magic

This course will offer the opportunity for you to understand the deeper meaning of life from a consciousness level.  We will be looking into the hidden mysteries of spirituality and delve deeply into the human psyche.  We will be working with many divination tools to understand and uncover the mystery surrounding magic.  I will be showing you how to use various tools and techniques to activate your inner magician. We will be using ritual with magic to make whatever you are focusing on conscious.  You will be taught how to invoke magical deities and archetypes that will support your ability to bring magic into your life when you need something to be transformed.  I have changed reality with magic for many years and have found the magicians role to come quite natural to me.  My goal is to help you bring the energy of the mysteries and magic into your daily life.

I will be showing you how to awaken areas of the brain that are unused to bring deeper focus to actively create alchemical change in your life.  The harmonisation of the brain is one of the most important aspects to bring magic to life.  This course will be about deep transformation.  It will improve you psychic ability but most importantly it will allow you to implement creativity on a deaper level.

The role of Alchemy is the ability to unify yourself and the natural world.  The magicians role is to understand how to control the elements, mineral and elemental kindom and use them in a way that can facilitate a change with a focused intent.  All elements must be understood to make a physical change on this planet.  It takes great wisdom and an ability to bend the laws of third dimensional reality to bring forth the capacity to construct or reconstruct reality.  It’s important to understand the reason why you would use magic and when the laws of the natural world are better to follow without intervening in any way.  I will show you many techniques in this course most importantly what I will be handing over is the ability to know when to enact your natural ability to evoke change and make a difference to yourself, others and our planet – timing is imperitive.  Everything that we do, think and say has the capacity to make an impact.  The higher the ability of the adept means the stronger the capicity to transform or manipulate the matrix of reality.

Imagine if you had the capacity to focus energy from your highest potential and ensure that you don’t  unconsciously destroy the fabric of what you’re manifesting.  I will show you techniques to use your super consiousness to keep the integrity of the magical energy that you’re building to transform reality.


You will have the opportunity to learn:

·        The importance of Ritual and repetition

·        Using the Sphere

·        Skull

·        Dragon Energy

·        The energy of the knife or blade

·        Calling on Merlin

·        Karmic law

·        The slight difference in magic and manipulation

·        Wicca symbol and it’s use and significance in ritual

·        The ability to use the elements

·        The law of Action

·        Understanding what black magic is and how to ensure you don’t use it


I am sure this ten week course will help you to bring forth an extremly powerful version of yourself.  You’ll be surprised what we will discover together.  One thing I know I have the capacity to do is help to bring the best out of people. 

Come along and gain the confidence you deeply deserve.


When: Wednesday nights from 6.45pm to 8.45pm, starting on a Wednesday 27th July, finishing Wednesday 28th September. 

Where:  Spiral of Light Centre
Cost: $350
$100 deposit is required to register!
Don't wait until the last days to register and book your place now as we only have limited availability!


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