Healing With the Rays of Light - Level 1

Would you like to learn how to heal, gain knowledge and connect with the Arch Angels, Ascended Master and Elohim angels?

I am looking forward to providing a deep understanding of the major rays of light that contribute to our consciousness and offer the opportunity for us to heal our psycological framework within. 

This will be a 10 week course held at the Spiral of Light healing center on Wednesday nights.

A Ray is a platform of energy that serves to develop our soul. We connect to one of these rays of light more easily than others. This is due to our personality and particular soul development that we choose before we enter the physical domain.

This course is for those who want to integrate, heal and understand yourself. I will not be talking about how to use the non-physical to find your keys, get a car park or protect you. The non-physical world can help you with all of these things and have their place. I will be focusing on soul development both shadow and light within you.

During this course you will receive the following:

• Healing your inner self
• Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and physical development and integration
• Understanding of 10 major Rays
o Blue 
o Yellow
o Green
o Pink
o Violet
o Purple/Gold
o White
o Diamond
o Platinum
o Ruby


When: Wednesday nights from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, starting on Wednesday 22nd April 
Where:  Spiral of Light Centre
Cost: $350
$100 deposit is required to register!
Don't wait until the last days to register and book your place now as we only have limited availability!


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