Reiki II

During this workshop, you will be attuned with the energy of three powerful Reiki symbols which open additional energy centers and connect you to a greater volume of Reiki energy compared with the Reiki I attunement.

You will have the opportunity to learn the Reiki II symbols and understand how these can be used to facilitate healing of yourself and others. These symbols can then be used as a focus to enable you to strengthen mental and emotional healing and to send absentee healing (or distance healing).

The energy of Reiki is greatly amplified during the Reiki II attunement and the focus of healing moves from the physical body to the etheric body.
The grounding, shielding and protection techniques taught in Reiki I will be revised to ensure that you maintain a safe space from which to deliver Reiki energy.
You will have the opportunity to connect with and experience different energies that can assist you with healing. This will be a highly experiential course and will also allow you to discover and heal many things about yourself.
You will have the opportunity to learn:
* Be attuned with the Reiki II symbols
* How to use the power Reiki symbol
* How to use the emotional Reiki symbol
* How to use the distance healing Reiki symbol
* Breathing techniques to help you access more of your awareness
* Emotional healing
* A simple and really effective
technique for healing people in other locations and overseas
* How to increase your psychic awareness
* How to change belief systems easily
* How to develop a greater sensitivity to energy
When: Saturday 25th June from10am to 6pm
Where:  Spiral of Light Centre
Cost: $350
$100 deposit is required to register!
Don't wait until the last days to register and book your place now as we only have limited availability!


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