Intuitive Connections

When we ask the spirit world for information or guidance in relation to ourselves or others the most difficult thing for us to do is to trust the information we are receiving through our own intuitive connection. We often question the validity of the guidance we are given from our own higher self and our guides in the spirit world. By discovering how you can tune in and connect with the spirit world and your own unique sense of intuition you will develop a strong inner knowing and trust the information you are provided with confidence. This inner trust will help you in all areas of your life and will provide you with a sense of unconditional assurance and support through your own unique and beautiful journey. This inner connection will also allow you to lovingly guide and support others along their journey if you so choose.

The Intuitive Connections course will allow you to discover the psychic gifts hidden within you and help you to harness the intuitive abilities that you are already aware of. You will learn how you can tune into the spirit world, yourself and others in a safe and nurturing environment. This course will be highly experiential and you will be given many opportunities to practise the techniques I will be sharing with you so you can confidentially connect to your intuition and provide great insights into your life and the lives of others if they ask for your assistance. 

During the weekend you will have the opportunity to learn:

New Card Readings 
Reading the body of energy
Where information comes from
Meditation Techniques to increase your intuition
Grounding, Shielding and Protection
Reading the body with your hands 
Asking questions of the body
Asking questions via your guides
How to make sure you receive clear information
Providing information about the future
Using body awareness to connect and
Using Magic to ask questions.

If you feel you would like to gain more insight in your life, connect with your psychic abilities and expedite your spiritual growth then this is the course for you.



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