Spiritual Alchemy - Water

Come and join us in a unique course that will help you understand the connection with sacred geometry and your soul.  We will be inititating you with the element of Water.

Would you like to understand how you can clear yourself of illness?

Discover how to use the powerful healing of water.  Considering most of our physical body is made from water this is one of the most powerful elements to understand and master using this form of sacred geometry.  I am looking forward to showing you how to use the power of the Icosahedron to enhance, understand and open yourself to your emotional state like you have never felt before.

I will be showing you how to heal yourself using the Icosahedron.  The appoach to using this shape is one of the most fascinating and misuderstood.  People who have experienced being in my room and changing instantly from a sad emotion to a different one would love to understand how this works.  I use this shape so often in my room, but rarely explain it and am so looking forward to teaching this course and showing how to easily transform emotions.

The Initiation

I will be taking you through an initiation that I have been shown.  It’s a similar initiation to Reiki but using sacred geometry.  I will be opening you to your own connection to this sacred geometry shape.  This will help allow you to evoke this energy through your body and give you awareness to the energy that sits inside of you.  I will also show you how you can harness the unlimited energy around your body and the universe

Working with the  Icosahedron/Water Element

Discover how to use the powerful healing of water.   The course will be highly experiential so you can discover how energy can be experienced to create true wisdom within your soul.  I am so excited to work share with you the power of Sacred geometry

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Healing your emotions
  • Finding your emotional centre
  • Understanding how to turn all types of diseases around into health.
  • How to electically charge the body with light and ground it
  • Working with the element of Water
  • Connecting and using the energy of the moon
  • How to respond rather than react
  • Transcend and Transform emotions instantly
    • From Hate to Love
    • From Anger to Passion
    • From Anxiety to Peace
  • Understand instantaneous healing and how it occurs, why it stays with some and regresses with others.

Understanding the energy of water and emotions is one of the most important courses that I have run so far.  I look forward to having the opportunity to teach this course and you.



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