Spiritual Alchemy - Universe

Come and join us in a unique course that will help you understand the connection with sacred geometry and your soul.  We will be inititating you with the connection to the universe.
Would you like to understand how you can create/maintain and more powerful connection to God or Universal Energy?
Discover how to use the powerful healing of the Universe.  We have often wondered where we come from, what we are here for and how to increase the power of what we can do on this beautiful planet that we live on.  I am looking forward to showing you how to use the power of the Dodecahedron to enhance, understand and open yourself to your own connection to the divine.
I will be showing you how to heal yourself using the Dodecahedron.  This shape shape is rarely used as s form of healing and I have not seen any approaches using it's power.  This shape can heal the our mental perception of reality and has the power to pull in the energy of the universe to support us.  I am so excited to show how powerful you are using the connection to universe and your own truth within it.
The Initiation
I will be taking you through an initiation that I have been shown.  It’s a similar initiation to Reiki but using sacred geometry.  I will be opening you to your own connection to this sacred geometry shape.  This will help allow you to evoke this energy through your body and give you awareness to the energy that sits inside of you.  I will also show you how you can harness the unlimited energy around your body and the universe
Working with the Dodecahedron/Universal Shape
Discover how to use the powerful healing of the Universe water.   The course will be highly experiential so you can discover how energy can be experienced to create true wisdom within your soul.  I am so excited to work share with you the power of Sacred geometry.
You will have the opportunity to learn:
Healing with universal energies
Claircognizance or a sense of knowing
Enhanced Clairvoyance abilities
The energy of the pentagram
Healing your DNA
Connection with your etheric DNA
Pulling the power of the third strand of DNA that sits around your two strands
Blending the power of the sun and earth together as one.
Understand how our bodies connect with the universe using the dodecahedron
Clearing the Mental mind
The icosahedrons, dodecahedron connection.
The powerful earth grid that connects all of the planets together.
Understand how to harnesss the power of the universe within you and beyond  I look forward to having the opportunity to teach this course and you.
When: Sunday 22nd March from10am to 6pm
Where:  Spiral of Light Centre
Cost: $250
$100 deposit is required to register!
Don't wait until the last days to register and book your place now as we only have limited availability!






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