Merlin's Magic and The Sphere

Come and join us in a unique course that will help you understand the connection with sacred geometry and your soul.  We will be initiating you with the energy of the Sphere.
I have worked with the Archetypal energy of Merlin since 2003. I have learnt so much during this time around magic to open my inner magician.  This course is designed to help you open your inner magical self, to attain a sense of wholeness based on the original idea for you being here. The sphere is one of the most elusive tools and most profound if mastered. Come and join me on a journey to gain more of what has been lost in you psyche: Knowledge and Wisdom.  
The Initiation
I will be taking you through an initiation that I have been shown. It’s a similar initiation to Reiki but using Sacred Geometry. I will be opening you to your own connection to spherical energy. This will help allow you to evoke this energy through your body and give you awareness to the energy that sits inside of you. I will also show you how you can harness the unlimited energy around your body to build a good foundation for your physical body and the infinite number of universes and realities you could imagine.
Working with Merlin and the Sphere
Discover how to use the powerful healing of the sphere. The course will be highly experiential so you can discover how energy can be experienced to create true wisdom within your soul. I am so excited to work share with you the power of Sacred geometry.
You will have the opportunity to learn:
- How to work with Merlin
- Working with the shadow and the light
- Working with the Chakra system
- Working with the Aura
- the Caduceus (Merlins staff)
- Instantaneous change/manifestation
- Why it's so difficult
- What you need to do to make it happen
- Connection with the Planets
- Using Sphere Crystals for greater intuition
- Increasing Psychic abilities
- Balancing your physical body with energy
I would love the opportunity to support your personal growth to shine through and unveil your inner magician. 


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