Spiritual Alchemy - The Light Body

Come and join us in a unique course that will help you understand the connection with sacred geometry and your soul.  We will be connecting you with the power of your light body to bring a deeper spiritual awareness to your emotional, mental and spiritual well being.


Are you going through this right now:

  • Feel low in energy

  • Have too much energy
  • Feel ungrounded
  • Feel scattered
  • Break electrical equipment
  • Want to focus your creativity
  • Have a thurst for understanding
  • Want depth in your life
  • Want to know that there is something more than the life you’re leading


I will be showing you how to connect to your awareness with your light body how amazing it is to pull energy through your aura to create a greater depth within yourself.   The merkaba or star tetrahedron is probably the most commonly known sacred geometry shape that people have seen.

The Star Tetrahedron is a symbol that has been around since the dawn of time.  Many people my have heard of the Star of David.  There are people who solely work the Star Tetrahedron and have great success gaining a higher depth of awareness.  Most of these teachers often focus on the next dimension or off planet experiences.  It’s an extremely difficult shape to

The Merkaba or Star Tetrahedron:  The connector to expansion


The Initiation

I will be taking you through an initiation that I have been shown.  It’s a similar initiation to Reiki but using sacred geometry.  These initiations wake a level of your consciousness that allows you to open to the connection of the Star Tetrahedron easily.  This will help allow you to evoke this energy through your body and give you awareness to the energy that sits inside of you. 

Working with the  Merkaba

Discover how to harness the power of your light body to perseive your deepest emotions and  gain deeper mental clarity use the power of movement with creativity as one.  I am so excited to work share with you the power of Sacred geometry.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to use the Merkaba through you hands
  • Moving Energy within the physical body
  • Shape Shifting
  • Mental clarity
  • The awaresness of space and time
  • Understanding and working your Aura
  • Vibrational state
  • Staying grounded and focused
  • Understand the fields of energy around you
  • Breaking energy in the body
  • Understanding an clearing the Aura (the layer around your body)
  • Showing how to bring the energy of heaven through into your body(s) of energy
  • Dimensional experiences

I would love to see you at this course.  You will receive many unique healing techniques that are both practical and simple to remember and use.  Simplicity is spirituality.  If you would like to come along to the course please get in touch with me.



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