Awareness of the Heart

I have been fascinated by the energy of the heart since I became a therapist.  As I watched countless clients open their hearts to the greatest depth I could ever imagine, I have been on an endless pursuit of internal discovery to find the ultimate feeling that I thought was inside there - LOVE.  What I found inside this space was hurt, suffering, depression, rage, jealousy and the list goes on.  Wading through all of these other emotions I felt glimpses and saw energy that radiated so brightly I almost felt I was going blind.

Having changed my approach so many times trying new ways to support clients transforming, the energy of the heart has always been the basis and foundation of what I do. It's fascinating to watch how quick and easy it is to unlock the power that resides there when someone is willing to dive into the ultimate connection to themselves.

It seems so difficult to keep connected to the heart instead we make head based decisions as we are made to believe they are safer. We are told and from our own experiences that heart based decisions seem erratic, unbalanced and illogical. Therefore, we deem them to be unsafe leaving the untapped power of the heart numb to the world. If we open our hearts we will be vulnerable, get hurt and feel our hearts will break. We will make decisions that will hurt us and also hurt other people. This couldn't be further from the truth. In my opinion the heart energy is the most misconstrued and if we are to understand it's power it needs to be explored with safety.

This course has been designed to help you discover who you are and allow yourself to find the deepest connection to yourself as you can.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

· Transforming old energy

· Instantaneous change

· Healing yourself through gratitude

· Transforming hurts and wounds into energy you can use

· Increased energy

· Working with the soul and life purpose.

· Transforming emotions

· Allowing yourself the ability to respond rather than react

· Healing physical issues

· Balancing the heart and head

· Unconditional love

· Creating the deep understanding that we are all connected on this planet.

This is an ultimate opportunity to help yourself with a group of other like minded people. I want to create an environment where you will have the opportunity find the deepest level of awareness inside to transform your life and in turn this beautiful blue planet we all live on.



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