Gods and Goddesses

Many people believe that the connection to the gods and goddesses lies within the tapestry of the spiritual world and is separate to us.

In a time amidst so much chaos, do we as humans have the right to call on our own inner god and goddess to create inner harmony? 

Can we be as powerful as these beautiful beings that we look upon for direction? 
I believe the answer is yes.

The universe and energy on the planet has more potential now than ever before to help us become powerful co-creators form within.

Many females have asked me to run a goddess workshop and I have refused for very good reason. I believe we need both the god and goddess within us to unify in order to create our dreams with greater magnitude. In the eye of a hurricane is stillness. 

If you would like to find that stillness, let me help you transform yourself so you can find that state of inner peace we are all striving to achieve in our lives.

This workshop will be highly experimental. We will be focusing on ancient times and traditions and you will have the opportunity to build a foundation for creativity using your own inner gods and goddess. I am looking forward to accessing our ancient past with you and showing how you can become a harmonious  co-creator with the planet once again!

You can discover techniques that will allow you to help you on the ultimate journey which is the discovery of yourself.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Cosmic energy
  • Earth energy
  • Your inner goddess
  • Your inner god
  • Duality
  • Eqyptian traditions
  • Atlantian traditions
  • Earth changes
  • Connection with the golden age.
  • Sexual energy and love energy
  • Focusing on the dream relationship
  • Trusting yourself, how you feel and think rather than others.




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