Chakra Healing

You will be shown how to heal the 13 major chakras of the body using the Egyptian chakra system. This course illustrate why there are some flaws in relation to the positions of the Chakras indicated in the traditional western 7 Chakra system.

During this course we will be working with some of the older approaches to healing and sharing with you why the Egyptian Chakra system is important to follow and work with at this time of world-wide change. We will be working with the Egyptian Chakra system directly so you will not need to prior knowledge of how the 7 based chakra system works, although it would be helpful for you to know it on some level.  

The course will be highly experiential so you can discover how the energy centres feel and thus connect with all of the chakras to heal your body and understand the link these energy centres have to the organs of the body.  You will gain an understanding of why it is so important to clear the Charkas regularly.  The Spiral of Light centre aims to further enhance spiritual abilities of those who are willing to connect to and understand themselves on a deeper level.  This course is designed not only for the beginner but also the advanced healer.   

You have the opportunity to harness abilities that you already know about yourself  and develop these to a higher potential and discover new abilities that you never thought possible.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How each Chakra works
  • Colour Healing Techniques
  • How to keep each Chakra Open
  • What each Chakra does and what parts of the body they relate to
  • Reading the body of energy
  • Meditation Techniques to increase your vibrational state
  • Grounding, Shielding and Protection
  • Reading the body with your hands
  • Techniques to break through energetic barriers and patterns related to the Chakra system

Love and Peace Essence:
We will provide you with a  bottle of Love and Peace essence.  This will allow you to feel a sense of ease while connecting with your intuition.  When you are feeling centered, you will provide yourself with the greatest opportunity to provide a clear connection to yourself and others that you are providing information to.

You will be given information on how to take the essence and what it can be used for during the course.



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