Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the first law that anyone moving into their connection with spirituality should know and is the law that people struggle with the most. This course will give you insight into why things haven’t appeared in your life or why things haven’t turned out exactly as you had planned.

This course will be based on getting an understanding of how to connect to your higher awareness with the help and support of the group of people that will be working with you. I will introduce you to concepts to show you how simple it is to create the life you desire.

The course will allow you to create your experiences and discover how to tune in and open to the spiritual world on the level you are ready for. I will be teaching you how manifestation works on an experiential level which gives you practical experience rather than a mental understanding that you receive through books. You will also be given the opportunity to discover new ways in which you can use your creative awareness to heighten experiences in the physical world around you.

Trusting your intuition can be one of the hardest things to do when gathering information for yourself or others. When you are conscious of your patterns and understand them, you can begin taking charge of you life and have the
opportunity to change and create the life that you want. I will be facilitating and teaching healing on a number of levels and using techniques to break life long patterns. If you wish to move further on your spiritual path this is the course for you. 

You can discover how to build your life the way you would like to and understand this first law of spirituality with very simple but effective techniques.

You will have the opportunity to learn:

* Using Magic for Manifestation
* Understanding your hearts desires
* Why we de-create our desires
* The law of cause and effect
* Unconscoious pattern Removal
* Being a conscious creator
* Experience rather than intellect
* Why the creative Chakra is so
* important
* Archetypes that help form
* abundance
* The art of allowing
* Attracting Healthy Relationships
* Grounding, Shielding and
* Protection
* Detox Breathing techniques



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