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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the concept of connecting to the life force of God, Universal Energy or the Creator however you wish to call the abundant energy that surrounds us.


It is non-religious based so all denominations are accepted to do this work. The concept is to unlock the knowledge that we are perfect in every way and that we do not need to add anything to ourself to reach that. We can release the blocks that stop allowing us to succeed in our lives to this point or to direct our lives into more capable and focused humans.
It works on a level that everyone can touch and feel and connect with. When people connect with this work lives and belief systems can be changed in an instant when people feel the power and connectedness within them.
It is the simple process of lying of hands and tuning into the person that required the healing. The healer in some respects gets out of the way and allows the client to receive whatever is required. Quite often I receive information for the client and relay that in the form of words or energy. Sometimes information is channelled through me from my higher self, the client’s higher self and spirit guides.
With my intention I leave the door open for the client to receive whatever it is they require and allow an open door for them to walk through to heal.
I also use cards and intuitively interpret them for clients.
I call upon Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Elementals and Goddess to help heal.
What this work helps with.
Emotional imbalance
Finding your path
Deeper connection with the god/universe/creator etc
Deeper connection with self
Connection with the spirit realm
Connection with diseased love ones.
Cutting Etheric cords
Spiritual Releasement.
Removal of old Patterns
Breaks cycles
Heals physical and Emotional trauma of my kinds
An example of this work includes clients who have had their headaches disappear in instant. Watching a client’s leg that had polio grow not only in length but diameter as well before my eyes. Some of the work that people have achieved on the table has been nothing short of miraculous.
This work will push the boundaries of what you believe if you want to go there.

Techniques Offered

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